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Project Description


This is Hollywood Team building

The legendary Andy Warhol said that everyone should be entitled to 15 minutes of glory. Well, here is your chance!

With our film team building we put at your disposal all the means to immortalize a story or advertising spot so that you can go down to posterity, just like the much-vaunted Hollywood stars.

Each filming team will have to develop a script, which may be original, or adapted from one of the greatest films in history. It will also be necessary to elaborate the dialogues, decorate the stages, put on makeup, dress up, and interpret the characters in the most credible way possible since the Oscar is at stake!

We take care of providing the teams with all the necessary material to start preparing the script, the synopsis of the film, and we provide them with the basic tips to structure their story, with suggestions and fun ideas so that the film does not leave indifferent to anyone.

If you have chosen the spot: we will work with the vision, mission and values ​​of the company, in order to reinforce them and thus emphasize the feeling of belonging to the company. Along with the values ​​and a great dose of creativity, the participants will create a great spot in which they will sell, in the best possible way, the virtues of their product or service.

And we are sure that with this fun activity, valid and productive ideas will also be generated, which could generate new very valuable resources.

And all under the supervision of our facilitators, and with the help of makeup artists, props and materials with which to create the appropriate context.



  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Fun


  • Instructors

  • Costumes.

  • Atrezzo

  • Video Equipment

  • Makeup artists

  • Makeup


  • Location

A fun-filled Business Activity in which group feeling strengthens through play, creativity and laughter!

A fun-filled Business Activity in which group feeling strengthens through play, creativity and laughter!

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What are the benefits of This is Hollywood?2020-07-30T23:36:56+02:00

To carry out the activity and be the winners, high doses of creativity and communication are required between team members. Discover new facets when playing a character.

Feeling of belonging to the company thanks to the strengthening of ties through fun.

Why choose This is Hollywood as a team building activity?2020-07-30T23:37:02+02:00

Because with this activity you will spend a fun-filled day in which the game and the feeling of belonging to the group are strengthened, while creativity and laughter are unleashed, can you ask for more? Ready, set… Action!

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