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Project Description


Defuse The Bomb Team Building

Our most exciting team building !. The countdown is on, you have a mission to defuse the bomb, with the help of FBI agents, will you get out of this mission alive?

La Bomba is an original and different team building, in which the challenges that arise will bring out the best in the participants who must display their collaborative spirit, their enormous creativity and ingenuity and will have to collaborate between the different teams, since sharing information can be key, at this time of crisis.

The participants could never imagine what is about to happen! Because, while the group holds a work meeting, suddenly, in the room, several terrorists burst in, who will place a bomb connected to the screen of the room, in which the countdown that anticipates the explosion of the device will be observed.

After explaining their claims, the terrorists leave the room, leaving the participants speechless.

Then the FBI negotiators appear, ready to do their job as intermediaries between the participants and the terrorists, who will transfer the non-negotiable demands in the form of tests and challenges, which the participants must overcome to obtain the code that will deactivate the bomb.

The deactivation of the bomb is the peak moment! and causes a contagious effect, in which motivation and self-esteem skyrocket and this effect can last for months within the equipment and company.

If you are looking for an original team building activity, this is undoubtedly The Bomb!



  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Improving interpersonal relationships


  • Actors


  • Location

An original and fun Business Activity where collaborative spirit, creativity and ingenuity lead the team to success and resolution of any crisis.

An original and fun Business Activity where collaborative spirit, creativity and ingenuity lead the team to success and resolution of any crisis.

“It has been incredible, we have been amazed !!!! The team has shown that it can overcome any difficulty they pose to us.”



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What are the benefits of Defuse the Bomb Team building?2020-07-30T00:49:11+02:00

The defusing of the bomb is the great moment of the activity, which fuels in the participants the motivation and self-esteem , leaving, after the tension overcome in the group, a feeling of triumph and optimism whose effect can last for months within the teams and the company.

Is it necessary physical effort for the Team Building Defuse the bomb?2020-07-30T00:49:24+02:00

In the Team Building Defuse the bomb, the challenges that the participants face have a very low level of physical demand, or no. The only thing needed is a lot of ingenuity and collaborative capacity, as well as optimism and ability to keep your nerves at those peak moments of the game, such as the countdown.

Why choose Defuse the Bomb as a Team Building activity?2020-07-30T00:49:33+02:00

Defuse the Bomb is a fun activity designed to generate tension, within which creativity, ingenuity and collaboration between the participants will be the key to reaching the end of the game completing the mission successfully. This activity enables groups to deploy all their resources and their strengths, as well as all their communication and problem solving resources.

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