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Project Description


Team Building MasterChef

Kaizen’s tastiest business activity!

Live a replica of the famous television contest in which each team will try to beat their rivals by preparing the most delicious dishes.

During the Masterchef kitchen team building day, participants will prepare approximately 5-6 delicious dishes and all this without using recipes at any time!

The day begins with the arrival of the participants, who do not know exactly what they will find in the next few hours. After washing properly and dressing in the appropriate clothing, our cooks will introduce you to the activity with a short briefing about kitchen safety and handling of certain tools such as sharp knives.

Several teams are formed that, normally, our instructors urge that they be equitable in terms of culinary knowledge, although the management of the company has the possibility of forming them according to their interests.

After all the dishes are prepared, the participants will display all their creations on a large buffet table, and they will be able to taste everything prepared with so much affection.

Sharing your creations makes intergroup connections stronger and bonding stronger. Let the challenge begin!



  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Fun


  • Cook instructors

  • Ingredients necessary for the preparations.


  • Location

Preparing the winning recipe will depend of creativity and coordination of teams and with which everyone will have a great time!

Preparing the winning recipe will depend on the creativity and coordination and with which everyone will have a great time!

“It has been incredible the amount of rich things that we have been able to prepare among all. Very fun and rewarding, sharing what was created by everyone.”



More Information

Can we cook in a Team Building activity?2020-07-31T08:59:58+02:00

Of course, our team building activities include several related to cooking. We have a paella contest, a pizza workshop and a Mega Chef.

There is variety and fun guaranteed. The kitchen is a fundamental element in our life, both in everyday life and in celebration and rituals. We want to take advantage of it to promote creativity, teamwork, healthy competition and communication. You cannot stay out of these novel and exquisite experiences.

Do you need previous knowledge?2020-07-31T09:00:13+02:00

Not at all. Our Chef will give you all the necessary instructions to cook a delicious menu.

Why choose Megachef as a team building activity?2020-07-31T09:00:23+02:00

Because Megachef team building is an activity in which, cooperation between team members will be the key, along with creativity to develop the best recipe. A fun activity, in which to share a good time and that will remain for the memory.

What benefits does Megachef have as a team building activity?2020-07-31T09:00:31+02:00

Join a group: The union between the participants to make a good recipe, motivation and creativity, are basic to cook the most delicious recipe.

Creativity and communication: The winning team will be the one able to organize to carry out a delicious recipe together.

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