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Project Description


Formula GT Team Building

Build your own Formula 1 with your team and put it to the test in a race. A Team Building activity full of emotion!

Formula GT is an exciting activity for company groups in which, divided into teams, participants come together to design, build and finally test their own Formula 1.

In this exciting race to success, each team builds a complete car: chassis, body, wheels, and before the race it passes a safety test.

Everyone participates in the different tasks: design, assembly, decoration, reliability, piloting, etc.

For this Team Building Teams activity, Kaizen provides you with everything you need to make the activity a success: plans, wheels, wood, cardboard, as well as the tools necessary to assemble it.

When the racing car is finished, the teams use their human engine to test it, and finally compete against the rest of the teams.

Not only the speed of the car is taken into account, safety, pit stop and design are also valuable when choosing a winning team.

There will be trophies for the winners in each section and in the overall score.

Participants work side by side to build the best car possible, while the ties between them are strengthened and the creative process generates an illusion that spreads to the entire group.

Undoubtedly, a totally different company activity and with which everyone will have fun.



  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Fun

  • Coordination


  • Instructors

  • Materials to build the car.


  • Location

A very fun Company Activity, of teamwork, selfless collaboration and camaraderie indelible for the entire group of participants.

A very fun and fun Activity teamwork, selfless collaboration and camaraderie indelible for the entire group of participants.

“We have loved it … everyone has highly valued the experience and we are looking forward to repeating next year!”



More information

How big are the teams?2020-07-30T00:49:45+02:00

The teams are usually 8 to 15 people and the total number of participants in the activity can be more than 300 people, divided into teams.

Why choose Formula GT as a team building activity?2020-07-30T00:49:51+02:00

Because this Team Building Formula GT Teams is a super fun activity in which teamwork, selfless collaboration and camaraderie among the participants, adds to the excitement of the race, full of emotions and surprises.

It will certainly be an unforgettable experience for them and they will want to repeat it!

What benefits does Formula GT have as a team building activity?2020-07-30T00:49:56+02:00

Uniting the participants: The union between the participants and the mutual motivation is the fundamental part to win this race.

Creativity and communication: To build the fastest racing car, a great deal of creativity and companionship will be required.

Fun: Without a doubt, a super fun way to get to know your coworkers better.

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