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Haka Team Building

Haka Team building is a guarantee of success, for some reason it is our star activity, an activity that motivates and empowers !, and for which, we receive spectacular feedback from our clients.

You will learn and put into practice the dance that has made the New Zealand rugby world champion team fashionable, because we reveal to you the secret of the best team in the world, so that you feel the power that Haka generates in your own team.

In this activity, instructors explain to participants the basic notions of rhythm, and Maori phonetics. Subsequently, the teams are formed, and each of them prepares their haka, giving it their personal touch.

After the rehearsal, each team puts on makeup and represents their haka, and finally the captain of the winning team leads the global haka with all those attending the event. It can also be done with all attendees without dividing them.

With this activity, you will feel in the first person how identity, passion and setting a collective goal makes a team overcome everything that it has faced up to that moment, to such an extent that when the representation of the haka of one team reaches its climax, the other team already knows that it has lost, because in rugby, like business and so many things in life, it is decided first in the mind.

Collective character is a vital element of success.
Focus on building good team spirit; the results will come on their own. You are ready?¡Au, au aue ha!



  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Coordination.


  • Instructors
  • Roll ups with the letters.

  • Makeup and makeup remover wipes.

Additional Features

  • Location

This Company Activity is vital for understand the essential elements for a team to achieve excellence in a practical and exciting way!

This Company Activity is vital to understand the essential elements for a team reaches excellence in a practical and exciting way!

More information

What benefits does Haka have as a team building activity?2020-07-26T23:07:52+02:00

Empowering a group: The union between the participants and the mutual motivation when leaving the comfort zone generates both individual and collective empowerment.

Creativity and communication: In order to perform the dance and be the winners, high doses of creativity and communication between team members are necessary.

Energize: Maintaining high energy will achieve incredible results.

Discover our potential: Discover new facets when interpreting a character.

Why choose Haka as a team building activity?2020-07-26T23:06:51+02:00

Because, among other things, in this activity we do not focus on the skills or knowledge necessary to develop a profession, but we will make participants understand how important attitude is as a differential element between a team and an excellent team.

The Haka will resonate strongly, at the height of the most fearsome and powerful All Blacks, and this will fill them with satisfaction and pride. An experience that, without a doubt, they will not easily forget.

What is Haka?2020-07-26T23:05:50+02:00

Haka is a traditional Maori dance , historically represented both as a challenge to rivals and as a symbol of hospitality and cohesion at weddings or celebrations. Thanks to its performance by the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks, this dance became known worldwide.

But the fundamental thing about haka dance is that its group character manages to transmit strength, motivation and unity, both to those who perform it and to those who observe it.

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