Gastronomic activities of Team Building

A delicious way to motivate your team

Gastronomy is of interest to everyone and in the Team Building, it has become a perfect tool and increasingly popular with specialists in team building and company activities. The reasons are clear: the gastronomic activities, in addition to being stimulating and fun, are a very good resource to train in core team and leadership values.

The culinary Team building activities, in addition to fostering a meeting place and meeting among the participants, are in themselves an opportunity to deploy all our resources : from work planning to healthy competitiveness or cohesion as a group.

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The benefits of Team Cooking

At Kaizen we are specialists in Team Building activities for companies and we know all the benefits that this type of dynamism can bring to your work group:

  • Cohesion as a group.
  • Planning and resource capacity.
  • Fun
  • Creativity.
  • Learning.
  • Development of communication skills.
  • Development of leadership capacity.
  • Greater efficiency at work as a team.
  • Building confidence.
  • Positive stress management, etc.
  • And, in addition, in many of them, a reduction in costs since, after the activity, lunch or dinner are already served!

In the variety is the taste

There are many types of culinary and gastronomic activities, but all of them serve to discover new experiences with colleagues and, what is even better, to be able to share their results, creating a climate of cohesion and a relaxed atmosphere that favors union and group ties.

Who does not like to share a delicious dish or a good wine while enjoying a relaxing time?

Take advantage of a moment of fun, taste typical or novel dishes, know the origin of food or broths, prepare a good cocktail and savor it after a fun gymkhana.

Because within the gastronomic activities, you can try the most relaxed ones in which to learn curiosities or those others in which, actively, the participants must pass a series of tests to stand as winners: paella competitions, gastronomic routes, competitions against the clock … The options around food and drink within the Team Building are very varied.

At Kaizen we have a wide range of them, all different from each other, but with a common incentive: the guarantee of their success.

Algunos ejemplos de estas actividades gastronómicas que figuran en nuestro catálogo y que harán las delicias de los participantes son:

  • Taller de coctelería: Aprende a elaborar los mejores cócteles de la mano de nuestros profesionales, con esta actividad de Team Building ¡y conviértete en un auténtico experto!
  • Cata de vinos: Todos los secretos de los caldos a tu alcance.
  • Paellas contest: A hilarious contest and one day to share and enjoy savoring the best of paellas.
  • Megachef : A hilarious replica of the TV contest.
  • Pizza workshop: In this workshop you will learn everything necessary about the history of pizza and the characteristics of this delicious world-famous dish and, in addition, you will learn to make them with the ingredients that your team gets.
  • Molecular cocktails: With this activity you will learn to make cocktails using the more advanced technology techniques, a perfect activity to entertain a company dinner or lunch, or as an incentive to a work meeting.
  • Sushi and cocktails: Learn to make 2/3 Pairings and of course, enjoy them together with your colleagues!
  • Wines and tapas: Learn all the secrets of a good pairing.
  • Magic and cocktails : Magic tricks and the best cocktails. A combination that cannot fail …

And, if you want to make them from your own home, we also have culinary activities online !

In short, gastronomic activities ensure your success and generate a climate of well-being in all the groups that try them. You must not miss them!

If you have any questions or want information about them, do not hesitate to contact with Kaizen. We help you choose the one that best suits your needs!