Company dynamics

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

This idea was coined by Gestalt psychology and helps us understand the synergy that occurs when a team works in a synchronized, motivated and committed way to achieve common goals. The result of this community effort is absolutely greater than, for example, if each of its members had worked separately and individual achievements were added.

The work of a team that works together and in harmony, manages to bring out the best in each of its members, generating greater motivation and ambition and transforming personal goals into collective yearnings that are carried out with a conviction and commitment that are difficult to defeat.

Teamwork together with flexibility and innovation are the best weapons that a company has today to face the current business scenario.

The circumstances imposed by the Covid evidenced to each work team the need to be prepared for unexpected scenarios.

Knowing how to react and improvise efficient and functional solutions is today more than ever a fundamental need to break through the competitive market.

Developing these skills generates productivity and work climate benefits allowing teams to perform with authority, integrity and comfort in new and changing situations, which need creative and innovative responses.

But not all teams achieve this degree of rapport easily, even if they are trying with force and passion and, therefore, we want to help you and give you a little push to transform your group of workers into a well-oiled engine that works like a Ferrari.

Company dynamics

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Building healthy spaces

There are many elements involved in achieving good levels of productivity.
The most important thing is to understand that workers are the best investment of a company and that in them lies all the power to transform it and make it grow.
Therefore, it is necessary to create a healthy, attractive and motivating work environment that encourages each person to carry out their work in the best way, that generates healthy and enriching links between people and a deep identification with the company’s brand.

Promoting spaces where people feel good, safe and calm, where interpersonal relationships are important and positive, ensures having a welcoming work environment conducive to proactive, efficient and committed performance.

Human groups are complex, as each member has his own personality, with virtues and particular characteristics that make him react to stimuli in a different way from the others. The great task of a team is to know how to promote the best of each of its members, valuing their contribution, recognizing their personal characteristics and urging them to be better every day.

Communication is the key

Communication is a fundamental tool to achieve efficient and united work teams.

Most of the big problems that can arise in a work environment are the result of communication failures. From the moment that someone is delivering information or instructions and it is not really clear in doing so or fails to convey their concepts, small gaps and doubts are being generated that, probably, if not addressed consistently and naturally, will end up affecting the work. of all involved. In the same way, when differences of opinion arise in moments of problem solving , communication plays an essential role to be able to calmly and sincerely transmit different points of view and thus reach agreements and solutions involving and representing the entire working group.

All the areas that make up the processes and relationships of a human group are crossed by communication and its variables, which is why exercising it is an opportunity to transform it into a constructive and positive tool, which will help substantially solve any problem that arises in a work team, as well as, to strengthen and perfect their collaborative spirit.

Group dynamics

Group dynamics are a very good tool to start delving into the different aspects that you want to improve and strengthen in your work team.

Each activity works as a procedure, in which in a systematic way roles are established, responsibilities are assigned and relationships are established with clear and shared objectives. Given this operation and in a more or less natural way, the different Teams begin to develop strategies, build organizational structures, and solve problems autonomously and proactively.

Leaderships arise automatically and coexistence rules are outlined that enhance the operation of each team.

Each activity is focused on developing essential tools such as communication, adaptability and innovation , in order to facilitate, improve and deepen dialogue and at the same time, contributing to an improvement in the processes of conflict resolution, promoting a constructive and generous perspective.

These types of activities are also useful because they allow each person to calmly and clearly identify their strongest areas from which they can contribute and contribute to group work.

The most efficient work team is one that, on the one hand, knows how to make the most of each of its members, extracting the best from them, without pigeonholing, or limiting individual potentialities, at the same time that its members, assume responsibility for their contribution and function.

Some ideas to surprise your team

To decide what exercise to do, it is necessary to first determine what objectives we want to promote in our team. With this clear, we can choose the activity that is most suitable to work the desired objectives.

Examples of business dynamics

Role play

This game is especially useful to observe the communication and negotiation skills that the participants present in adverse or unexpected circumstances. To carry out the activity, the participants are separated into pairs, each of which will be given a situation to solve.

Trust games

Trust is essential for the functioning of a work team, since it contributes to creating a calm and respectful work environment, focusing all energies on group efficiency to achieve the planned objectives.
An example of this type of dynamic can be the following: after forming several pairs that are not ideally close to take advantage of the game, a series of small items (chips, medals, anything) that couples will distribute they must collect.
One of the members of the couple blindfolds himself and his partner guides him to collect the pieces distributed throughout the office one by one, avoiding colliding with the other couples and with the obstacles that are part of the furniture.

One Word

Reflection and self-awareness are important when working with more people since it helps us understand what we project, what we want to project and the real differences between these two concepts. An example dynamic: The staff is randomly distributed in teams of 4 people approx.

Each team has a few minutes together to think of a single word that identifies from their point of view an area of ​​the company, such as a value, its mission, its entrepreneurial spirit, etc.

Then there is a discussion, where a spokesperson from each group shares and explains the chosen word to the other groups. This activity is a space to realize how each person understands and lives their own reality of the company and their mission in it in a different way. On the one hand, it helps us to unite criteria and visions about what we want to be as a company and on the other hand, it helps us to recognize and value other opinions and points of view, enriching dialogue and reflection.

The lie

For this activity it is necessary to separate the participants into groups of 4 people or it can also be done in a large group.
Each participant should write on paper 4 statements about them, within which 3 are true and 1 lie. The idea is for each person to think carefully about each statement so that it is really difficult to decipher which one is false.

Then all together (or by group if that is the modality) they will read each other’s statements, opening space for the debate to guess which one is false.
The important thing is to reach an agreement about which is the false statement of each one, each person will expose their vision about the phrases and because they believe that this or that is a lie. We favor dialogue, reflection, and problem solving.

In the end each person will reveal what the false statement is and the mystery will be solved.

The similarities

This is a simple and fast dynamic that will help strengthen empathy, union and communication, also promoting patience and respect.

The group is divided into pairs or trios. Each trio or couple should talk to each other telling each other about what they like about work and their life outside of it, counting their hobbies, hobbies and a bit of their personal life.

They will instantly see how common points appear among the members of these small groups, they will realize that they have many points in common or perhaps not many, but one or two that they share within their tastes, hobbies and / or abilities not only at work but in his life outside of him.

This simple activity will help build links and bridges of communication and identification between colleagues, promoting camaraderie and unity, empowering and complementing skills, which will undoubtedly affect a healthier and more efficient work environment.

Little jobs can start to make a big difference. All teams can function cohesively and as a powerful and productive instrument, you just have to know what pieces to play to fine tune the march. Count on us to start this path of growth and self discovery. At Kaizen , we incorporate all of these dynamics into fun Team activities Building , with which, in addition to taking advantage of all the benefits of the same, you will motivate your team and make them feel closer to the group and the company.