Haka Team Building Kaizen

The safe Team Building, La Haka

The pandemic is beginning to be apparently controlled and many companies and workers are already planning strategies to be able to resume face-to-face work, perhaps in shorter days at first, or only some days of the week, The possibilities are many, the important thing is to feel calm again and to encourage life to return to normal.

Within this initial stage, it is important to find strategies that allow workers to reconnect with their work team in a healthy and safe context. Without a doubt, the activities of Team Building, are an excellent option to achieve this , providing a space to retake and continue to strengthen work teams. Now more than ever it is necessary to nurture ties and to grow camaraderie and a good atmosphere among workers. After a period of stress as strong as the one we have been through, it is urgent to promote safety and well-being in workers, as we know, the calmer and happier people work, the more efficient and productive they will be. Consequently, the safer they feel after a stressful situation like this, the easier it will be to resume normal activity in a healthy and fruitful way. Team Building activities are very important in this part of the lack of understanding process so that human groups meet and synchronize both professionally and emotionally. Among all the activities we offer in our catalog, la Haka , is one of those presented as more attractive in this context, both for its objectives and for its benefits.

Taking up the Team Building with the energizing Haka

Haka is a ritual of the Maori culture that made the New Zealand rugby team world famous worldwide. The team of the “All Blacks” as they are known in the sports world, perform this ritual dance before beginning each confrontation in which, all the players formed on the court in front of the rival team, sing an ancient harangue that achieves a < strong> powerful motivational and emotional effect and absolutely intimidating for your opponents. The origin of this rite comes from the Maori culture, an ethnic group that has mainly inhabited eastern Polynesia and New Zealand since around the 10th century. Among its various cultural manifestations, there is the “Haka” tribal dance that was used to motivate and unite the tribe and at the same time intimidate the adversaries by showing their power and fierceness.

This ritual was carried out on the same battlefield, where all the warriors of the tribe performed a choreography that included provocative screams and chants, while grimacing with their faces sticking out their tongues with a threatening attitude while striking and they beat his body, creating a hypnotizing tribal rhythm, perfectly synchronized and that added emotion, intensity and originality to the dance. At the end of the tribal wars, this ritual was carried out at parties, weddings and various celebrations, becoming a symbol of unity, strength and cohesion, as well as a tribute of welcome and recognition.

Haka Team Building Kaizen

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Carry out Haka Team Building with total security

With our Haka Team Building your team will experience the union, strength and power that a human group achieves when working together for a community purpose.

The ritual recharges inspiring and powerful energy to those who perform it, managing to motivate, while helping to raise awareness about the importance of the contribution of each member to the interior of a team.

In addition, with this activity, you will discover the incredible story that is hidden behind our choreography and in which, a warrior, must hide and flee, without knowing very well what may happen to him. That uncertainty and its strength to get out of that victorious situation, contains the true spirit of the Haka dance, and curiously, with the pandemic, we have all faced those uncertainties, both personally, as well as socially or occupationally, and This activity, which is a celebration of life and a song to overcome obstacles, is presented as perfect to regain energy, join forces and bring out the best in ourselves as a team.

Being such a novel and special context, the activity allows participants to discover themselves in new roles and facets, opening the possibility of taking on new challenges, freeing them from the stereotypes and limitations that many times the work routine imposes . In the same way, it strengthens and promotes communication and dialogue, two essential tools to achieve efficient and healthy teamwork for all.

Zero risks and safety above all

Haka is an activity that can be done outdoors, in wide spaces, where people normally distribute themselves 2 meters away from each other, without the need to touch each other, which transforms it into the perfect Team Building work for these moments, both for its organizational benefits and for its logistical performance characteristics. In relation to the current context of Covid, it seems important to mention that our company carries out each activity under the strictest sanitary security measures , ensuring compliance with all protocols established by the authority for the holding such events. We are committed to the safety and health of your workers, in the same way as to the growth of your work team.

It is time to be creative and break the monotony to give a new energy boost to your team.

Contact us and leave everything in our hands, our Haka Team Building will recharge the batteries of your workers and put them in tune to face all the challenges that come. Let’s achieve together this important step!